Ubinkayu is one of the largest Indonesian wood manufacturing companies based in East Java. The ubinkayu showrooms and offices are located in two major cities in Indonesia, Surabaya and Tangerang. Ubinkayu provides all the needs of processed wood both for export and for local products. Our product specialties are; hardwood floors, decking, wooden stairs, wallpanels, wooden doors, wooden canopies, gazebos, and wooden houses. In addition, we also work on engineered wood. Ubinkayu engineering wood is produced to export quality standards. Our products are carried out by experienced personnel in their fields. Choice of specially produced wood of the highest quality.

The production process is carried out at the ubinkayu factory located in Bojonegoro, East Java. The production process begins with the selection of log wood originating from Indonesian original hardwoods. Continuing cutting of logs in sawmill then the wood is dried to reduce the water content in the wood. The next process is molding to provide a profile as needed. Finishing products are carried out in factories with European standard UV systems. Installation and installation warranty is also carried out by the ubinkayu team to get maximum results.

Why use ubinkayu?

  • Solid wood products come from 100% of the best hardwoods from Indonesia.
  • Hard wood with class I.
  • The production process is carried out with modern machines.
  • Easy installation process by experienced team.
  • Finishing UV coating with European standards.


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